2304 Islington Ave,

Etobicoke M9W 3W9

2304 Islington Ave,

Etobicoke M9W 3W9

Islington aromatherapy centre LTD

Swedish Massage For Men in Etobicoke

ISLINGTON SPA offers Swedish massages for stress relief and relaxation.

We serve men between the ages of 18 to 65 years old from all over Toronto. Visit us today!

Benefits of a Swedish Massage

Swedish massages are focused on relaxing the whole body with long gliding strokes. They also involve kneading, rhythmic tapping, friction, and shaking. As a result, blood circulation increases, stress and muscle tension go down, range of motion improves, and the person feels a sense of utter well-being.

Contact ISLINGTON SPA to learn more about how we can help you relax and unwind.

Swedish massages are focused on relaxing the whole body

Swedish Massage for Men Toronto
Swedish Massage for Men Etobicoke

Beautiful Masseuses At Your Service

We have a staff of beautiful and talented ladies at your service. After a stressful day or week, ISLINGTON SPA welcomes you in a clean, secure, and private venue for a peaceful and sensual experience.

We guarantee you won’t be disappointed after walking through our door.

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A peaceful and sensual experience

Our Strengths

  • Friendly service
  • Talented staff
  • Quality products
  • Clean and comfortable space
  • Great rates
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed

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